Frequently Asked Questions

Gala Nocturna is a spectacular dark romantic costumed ball, organized by artist Viona ielegems and her husband Dirk Von Heinrichshorst. It offers guests a night to remember, a chance to meet like-minded souls, in a fairytale world you never thought existed. The ball is considered one of the most beautiful costumed balls in Europe and already attracts more than 500 visitors from all over Europe.
Gala Nocturna is organized once a year, mostly at the beginning of March.

Gala Nocturna is always held at historical locations in Belgium. In 2006, we started the first edition at a neo-gothic church, well-hidden in a lovely park near Antwerp. After three editions, we moved to a bigger and even more spectacular location, a stunning baroque church in the center of Antwerp. Afterwards, we went to the Belle Epoque rooms of the Antwerp zoo and in 2015 we received our guests in a magnificent city palace in Brussels.

Every year we set a different theme for Gala Nocturna. Some examples from past editions are “The Virgin Queen”, “Russian Fairytale”, “The Pope’s Daughter” and “La Belle et La Bête”. Last time, we chose “The Swan Princess”, inspired by the Swan Lake ballet and the Black Swan movie.

A theme inspires our guests to create wonderful costumes. Many of our guests are very creative, and make or design their own outfits. Every year, they are looking forward to the challenge of creating a new costume that fits with the theme of the evening.

The dress code is strict, so we do not allow casual wear, but for first-time visitors we do accept formal evening wear. In the dress code section, we have listed some very good costume rental companies, who are more than happy to help you find your perfect costume for Gala Nocturna. In the same section, you can also find moodboards for the dress code of the evening, a good guideline for you or for the costume rental company.

During the evening you can leave your coat at our wardrobe free of charge.

Of course!! We are very much looking forward to welcome YOU at Gala Nocturna! As long as you make an effort to follow the theme and the dress code of the evening, our magical doors will open for you. Children are welcome in the company of their parents, if they accept that Gala Nocturna still is a “dark” romantic ball and that children might be quite overwhelmed by the experience. Pet animals are never allowed on the premises.
Yes, you can, as long as you ask permission of the persons you would like to take a picture of. Keep in mind though that we do not allow any kind of studio equipment (not even mobile), so all flashes have to be camera mounted! We do offer a beautiful photo corner where you can have your portrait taken by a professional photographer. Important: everyone, so also photographers, camera men and journalists, have to respect the dress code of the evening!
At Gala Nocturna – The Age of Redemption, we will offer a free buffet for the pious visitor!

Next to regular drinks, our bar offers a very special selection of drinks and coctails that match the theme of the evening. At our mythical absinthe bar, you can also taste the green muse, poured from Victorian absinthe fountains and served in magical goblets.

In the past, it was possible to buy jewelry, hats, masks, headdresses, corsets, clothes and accessories from more than a dozen vendors, but at Gala Nocturna – The Age of Redemption there will be no vendors, since it doesn’t fit with the theme of the evening. This offers a lot more space for other activities!