Gala Nocturna – Ascension

Gala Nocturna is the most famous and extravagant dark romantic costume ball in the world. The event draws a spectacularly costumed and aristocratic following from all over the world. After more than a decade of events in Belgium, all while building a devoted court of players and participants, Gala Nocturna has now found another destination, to set up a new chapter of delicously decadent festivities!

To put it shortly, Gala Nocturna is moving to Venice, Italy!! 🙂

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Take a look at some impressions from previous editions!

“We were transported via a tunnel deep below the sea to another land, one where magical beasts appeared as visions for one night only. It was a Tchaikovsky-Aronofsky-Gothic-Historical-Fantastical melange of ballgowns, taffetas and feathers.” – Lady Amaranth , 2015

“Marvellous venue, incredibly beautiful people with the most stunning outfits!” – Frode H, 2015

“A night I will remember forever, like living one of my dreams.” – Leslie N

”Thank you for the best night of my life” – Patricia S, 2015

“The most magical, enchanting night on the planet!” – Andreas D, 2014 “It was a perfect dream!” – Carmen N, 2014

“Thank you so much for making this fairytale come true. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Mascha S, 2014

“A treat for all the senses.” – Johan E, 2013

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Some behind the scenes pictures from Gala Nocturna 2016: