8th edition of Gala Nocturna - March 8, 2014


Theme of the evening is "LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE".

This time in the beautiful Belle Epoque buildings of the Antwerp zoo (Belgium).
Take a look at the venue where you will have a thrilling night in the presence of the Beast!

For the occasion the Beast has invited hundreds of noble ladies and gentlemen from all over Europe, to share with him an evening of dark magic. Strange encounters, hypnotizing dance rythms, intoxicating music, special drinks and above all, an enchanting hostess, Belle, who will keep the Beast under control.

So have no fear and get your tickets for this exclusive ball!

Une vie pour une rose
Une vie pour une rose!

At the ball the Beast demands "une vie pour une rose"!

This will save you a lot of trouble during the ball.

Never say we didn't warn you :-)

Strict dress code
Dress code for the evening

The Beast requires all guests to dress as noble ladies and gentlemen of the court. Fellow beasts, cursed by the ruthless goddess Diana, are also welcome of course.

Find inspiration for your costume and some specialized costume rental companies on the dress code page.

Theme inspired by Jean Cocteau's movie of 1946

This time the ball's theme is inspired by Jean Cocteau's version of the classic fairytale "Beauty and the Beast".

The plot of Cocteau's film revolves around Belle's father who is sentenced to death for picking a rose from the Beast's garden. Belle offers to go back to the Beast in her father's place. The Beast falls in love with her and proposes marriage on a nightly basis which she refuses. Belle eventually becomes more drawn to the Beast, who tests her by letting her return home to her family and by telling her that if she doesn't return to him within a week, he will die of grief.

More info about the movie can be found on Wikipedia. Try to watch it before the ball!

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