Gala Nocturna

World-famous dark romantic costume ball

Saturday March 5, 2016

The Age of Redemption

In troubled times, one is forced to reflect on years of abundance and excess. Can we do with less grandeur? Can we go back to the essence of style? Is it possible to deconstruct our own image, only to put it back together in a purified form? Do we dare expose our inner soul?

At Gala Nocturna – The Age of Redemption, we offer you this chance! The path to beauty has never been so clear. At the heart of it lies our true self. This is the time to reveal it!

Check out the dress code.

Augustijnen klooster

Sint-Margrietstraat 11, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Take a look at our amazing venue!

Gala Nocturna - The Age of Redemption

Strict dress code

The theme for Gala Nocturna 2016 is “The Age of Redemption”.

We encourage all guests to dress up nicely and follow the dress code of the evening.
For costume inspiration, take a look at our moodboard images.

For pious women

Look for your true feminine spirit in these images.

Moodboard for women

For pious men

Get devoutly inspired by the following images.

Moodboard for men

Out of respect for our guests, we do not allow entry to casually dressed people!

Augustijnen klooster

A unique monastery situated in the historical heart of Ghent. An oasis of peace, only a few steps away of the lively city centre. Remarkable art treasures, a beautiful inner court and typical convent rooms, such as the library and the sacred church which is known for its valuable organ. Augustinian Fathers are still living and working there. A perfect sanctuary for a time of reflection and thought.

Augustijnen klooster

Photo archive

Over the years, countless pictures have been taken of our beautiful guests.
We’ve made a small selection, to give you a nice impression of what to expect during the ball.

Photo impressions

Amazing photo impressions from past editions!

Photo studio

Wonderful portraits made in our photo studio.

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IMPORTANT: Last minute tickets are available until February 29, 2016.

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